One on one with Tony Evers

Session sponsored by HealthX Ventures

Moderator: Briana Reilly
Panelist: Tony Evers

A wide-ranging discussion with Wisconsin’s Democratic governor about his first two years, including the challenges the state faces and what the future looks like working with a Legislature controlled by Republicans.

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How will COVID-19 change K-12 education?

Carlton Jenkins, Gloria Ladson-Billings, Mary Lee McKenzie & Scott Girard
The pandemic forced schooling to go online at a time when no one has prepared for it. What have we learned and what can we expect?…
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‘Rage:’ A conversation with Bob Woodward

Session sponsored by UBS — The Burish Group
Bob Woodward & David Maraniss
Bob Woodward, the premier investigative journalist of the modern era, talks about his latest groundbreaking book on President Trump…
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